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Short-Timer Radio: The Cast

November 20, 2017
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We told you last week that it's coming back with a thunderous fury and vengeance like only Grunt Style can provide. Those of you that already knew that Short Timer Radio was too legit to quit voiced your excitement and your desire to see the four horsemen of shenanigans return once again to the Book of Faces in the innovative, cutting-edge format pioneered by our own Daniel Eric. To continually whet your appetites, we've provided a few more details about the cast of miscreants involved.Daniel Eric, Director of Events Media, served in the United States Marine Corps from 1996-2000 as an 0311 & 0352 (he did some POG stuff too 8152 & 8154, but we're gonna ignore that because he was a grunt first, so nanny, nanny boo-boo, stick your head in doo-doo). Upon leaving the Marine Corps, Daniel pioneered the "Live Feed Radio Show format that a bunch of unoriginal motherf***ers, copy" and built two of the largest veteran based online radio stations. Hailing from New York, Daniel appreciates the only true king of pizza which is New York style based on the original Italian concept of pizza.Tim Jensen, Grunt Style 1st Sgt (and SO much more in all of our hearts), served in the United States Marine Corps starting in 1997, and trained at Parris Island where he believes real Marines are made. Serving as a grunt upon his re-enlistment with 2nd Battalion 24th Marines, then Sgt. Jensen participated in over 250 combat missions in Babil Province, Iraq earning the coveted Combat Action Ribbon and earning a Navy Achievement Medal with a Combat V for slaying bodies and making that green grass grow.Justin Orick, Director of Events enlisted into the Marine Corps at the ripe old age of 18, serving as an 0311 infantryman with 3rd Battalion 4th Marines (part of the Magnificent 7th Marine Regiment, the best regiment in the Marine Corps). Despite being wounded on his first venture to Afghanistan, Justin decided to get vengeance and went back again. Upon leaving the Marine Corps, Justin returned to Chicago and began working for Grunt Style in 2016.John Fannin, American Grit Staff Writer, John could be described as the world's "okayest" Marine. Enlisting in 2004, John was stationed with "The Cutting Edge" 3rd Battalion 7th Marines (Again part of the Magnificent 7th Marine Regiment, the best regiment in the Marine Corps, duh) as an 0351 Assaultman. With 3rd battalion 7th Marines, John deployed to the city of Ramadi in the Al Anbar province twice. After leaving the Marine Corps John pursued a career of being "That Guy" anywhere he shows up.

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