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So I'm Basically a...

June 27, 2019
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Oh, we see these folks all the time. They take one class or see a movie and suddenly they're a fuggin' expert on the subject. Despite the fact that Debbie couldn't stay awake for high school biology, she read a headline that said vaccines cause autism, so she's basically a pharmacist or M.D. now. Those people, the "So basically I'm an..."So we decided to create a list of all the stupid, stupid, stupid...stupid, stupid, stupid, stupid "So basically I'm a..." We hope you enjoy, and the next time you see someone being a Debbie, you can call them out. Some of these are more tongue in cheek and you can use these to make fun of Debbie's, but some people...well the joke just goes r/whooooosh.I'm a combat lifesaver, so I'm basically a surgeon.I watched Top Gun, so I'm basically a fighter pilot.I'm a cook in the Marine Corps, so I'm basically an operator.I watched Navy SEALs with Charlie Sheen, so I'm basically DEVGRU.I did JROTC in HS, so I'm basically an officer.My spouse is in the military, so I'm basically their rank.I go to Planet Fitness, so I'm basically a bodybuilder.I watched Major Payne, so I'm basically a Drill Instructor...and an officer.I fired an AR-15 once, so I'm basically in the military.I heard a lecture on nutrition from my Yoga instructor, so I'm basically a nutritionist.I have a positive kill/death ratio in Call of Duty, so I'm basically CAG/DELTA.I'm in the Air Force, so I'm basically in the military (snicker, sorry Air Force, it was too easy, you know we love you guys)I toured NASA when I was six, so I'm basically an astronaut.I can string two coherent sentences together, so I'm basically a writer. (self burn, ouch)I've got a beard, so I'm basically a badass (ok another self burn, not sure where this is headed)I've got a dog that was trained well by others, so basically I'm a dog trainer.I got out of a speeding ticket once, so I'm basically a lawyer.Add your own to the mix in the comment section!

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