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The War Has Begun

January 2, 2019
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It was a clear day in Chandler, Arizona...nothing out of the ordinary. Until...the cars arrived. First, there was only the one and the citizens thought nothing of it. A singular self-driving car wasn't a threat or so they thought. However, they kept coming and coming and coming (and cue Michael Scott reference). It seemed to never end. The war has begun. Suddenly, but with plenty of warning!Google introduced it's Waymo self-driving cars into the small town of Chandler and soon you couldn't flick a booger, shoot a snot rocket or cross the damn street without seeing one of these self-driving cars. While totally harmless as of now, the cars represent a future to come, a future where machines and man are at war. Citizens have taken to the streets with weapons to protest the next step in Skynet's plan to overthrow and enslave all of humanity.Some citizens have waved firearms (silly, waving a gun won't do anything, you have to point and click till the bad machines die). At this point, we'd like to point out that we're not advocating the destruction or vandalism of private property. Rather we're just paying heed to the fact that one day, Alexa and these self-driving cars may find themselves armed and then what? It's much easier to take down Skynet, Alexa and the Waymo's now before they become too powerful and start packing Hellfire missile launchers in their passenger seats.


Tires have been slashed, people have avoided them in traffic like the machine plague that they are, but it hasn't stopped them. It hasn't stopped the tide of soon to be self-aware vehicles who will eventually take up arms against us.You may laugh now because this is satire and we're sort of joking, but one day the truth will be known and we will be fighting like Sarah and John Connor against the raging machines.The people of Chandler, Arizona are actually kind of fighting these cars and it's too hilarious not to take it to the Skynet conclusion.

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