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Make the Most of Your Extra Hour This Weekend

November 2, 2018
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Ahhh that time of year when we "gain" an hour to do whatever we please with. We usually use it to sleep off the hangover we got from the night before. However, there is a multitude of things you could do with that "extra" hour this weekend. In fact, we made a list of things you can do.Now some of these are more likely to happen than others and we didn't really feel obliged to put them in any order as we know your tastes and hobbies may vary across the audience. So we're not going to put numbers, but rather those cool dots by the side of each "to do" item. Feast your eyes.

  • Spend your time worshiping Mattis, Lord of Chaos and War. (Highly Likely)
  • Spend the extra time drinking (one of the more likely)
  • Spend an extra hour sleeping after the extra hour of drinking (also very likely)
  • Spend the extra time hazin...training your Marines, Sailors, Airmen (who are we kidding you guys don't do that), or Soldiers
  • Spend an extra hour trying to figure out who/what your brought home after the extra hour of drinking (this goes for both girls and guys)
  • Spend time leveling and playing RDR2
  • Spend an extra hour working on getting that DD214 Body
  • Spend an hour trying to turn back the time on the DD214 Body
  • Spend the time reading our shit talking!

While the list may not be comprehensive, we think we covered many of the bases and gave you ideas so that you spend your extra hour the best possible way you can. After all, it is your "extra" hour and we're not here to tell you how to live your life or maybe we are. We give some great advice! Like remember that time we told you not to go home with that one girl from the bar and you listened? Then you found out that she was a serial killer and would have worn your skin as a suit. See bullet dodged, and what can we say but you're welcome!

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