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Top Fantasy Football Punishments by Branch

September 1, 2023
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Pre-season has officially started, and there's only a limited amount of time to lock in your fantasy league rules. One of the most debated portions of any fantasy league is the dreaded punishment for the last place finisher.

Let's take a look, how each branch may punish the loser of their respective unit leagues.


If you have never heard of a shellback ceremony, it is generally 10 times worse than any fantasy football punishment you may see out there to begin with. So that means they have to go all out to make it count. 

What could possibly be more humiliating than the debauchery of a shellback ceremony?

  • Having to burn a personal leave day to go to the Army v. Navy game, and cheer for the Army, in full Army attire.


The Army is well known for pinning ceremonies, much to the chagrin of Congress. So how do you have a sufficient punishment that won't end up in the news? What is the one thing soldiers hate the most?

  • The loser cannot sham for a whole month. Every detail, every motor pool Monday, every change of command / retirement ceremony, they have to volunteer.


This was a tough one because Marines are subjugated to inhuman treatment regularly. So what do Marines value the most? Being a Marine.

  • Loser has to join the National Guard when they get out.

Air Force

This was a fun one, because the Air Force is the closest thing to a college fraternity the military has. So, here are a few options that would be absolutely devastating punishments for the flyboys (and gals).

  • Loser must play a whole game of golf left-handed
  • Loser has to eat at the Army chow hall (joint base)
  • Loser cannot update their LinkedIn for a whole week
  • Loser has to call the Wing Commander “Dad” during the next PowerPoint 

Are these punishments brutal enough? Too brutal? Let us know what you think on social media!

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