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Top Shot: Army, Air Force, Marines

December 15, 2017
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The age-old debate rages on. Which branch has the best shooters? Now I've got a little bit of bias as a Marine, so keep that in mind. Who is the Top Shot at Grunt Style?

Top Shot

To represent the Army, we have CEO of Grunt Style Daniel Alarik. Daniel was an infantry drill sergeant in the United States Army and should have plenty of experience with shooting. Next up we have COO of Grunt Style, Tim Jensen. Tim is an infantry Marine and there is no weapon in this world more dangerous than a Marine and his rifle. Lastly, from the Air Force Security Forces, Tom Urioste. The shooters are lined up and ready to go. Who will be the top shot among the three branches represented? The gun, a .45 caliber Ruger 1911. The distance, fifty feet. With a magazine of ten rounds, shooters may fire when your targets appear!

Top Shot

The first round goes to the Air Force. I'm not proud to say it, and neither is Dan and Tim. It's gotta be gut-wrenching. Rather than back down and allow defeat, they do a best of three rounds. It's close! The three branches are in an all about battle for supremacy. The Marine Corps should surely win, right...well remember I said a Marine and his RIFLE are dangerous. Judging from the tie between the Marine and airman, pistols...not so much. Next time they should totally do rifles. Yeah, because every Marine is a rifleman.

Top Shot

As much as it pains me to say it. The Army beat the Air Force and the Marine Corps in the pistol shooting. With a final score of 36 to the tied scores of the Air Force and Marine Corps of 25, the Army has won the day and securing bragging rights until next time. Catch more videos like this here!

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