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Transformer Explosion in New York

December 28, 2018
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Politicians and city officials are quick to find a way to word things properly in the event of any catastrophe, so it's no surprise that when they said the bright blue light that lit up the sky in New York last night was from a transformer explosion, we know exactly what they mean. A transformer exploded. However, it wasn't the piece of equipment that adjusts the voltage so your appliance doesn't blow up. Rather it was a...Transformer!We're not sure now if it was an Autobot or a Decepticon, but if Michael Bay has given us any hints over the years through his docu-series on the alien species we've come to know as the Transformers, we're going to assume that Optimus Prime, Bumble Bee, and Ironhide laid the smackdown on Starscream, hence the explosion.Well played New York officials, hide what really happened by stating exactly what happened. Hiding in plain sight as we like to say. When we reached out for further comment and asked for clarification on which Transformer it was that exploded, officials told us;

"There is no such thing as giant robotic aliens and if there were they wouldn't be in a place like New York where there are literally millions of people that could serve as eye witnesses to their existence."

Likely story city of New York, likely story indeed. We know explosions like that don't just happen and we know you think we're dumb enough to believe that it was just a simple transformer (note the lowercase T) and not a Transformer (note the uppercase T for a proper noun).Even though the city won't come clean and be honest, we're certain the people of New York will sleep better at night knowing that the second in command for the Decepticons is no longer a threat to the big apple!As for New York's officials, we're on to you and your secrets!

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