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Unhealthy Habits

August 20, 2018
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We can't solve all of your problems and unhealthy habits and we certainly don't want to try. Some of you are pretty f***ed up and if you're cool with yourself being there, all the power to you, be you. Don't let us tell you how to live your life. But if you want a few tips on bettering your life even if it's just one tiny little area, we can help you identify some unhealthy habits you have, and get rid of them. Reader beware, we won't spare your precious feelings.Truth is brutal. So welcome to the Thunderdome bitches.1. You Eat Like ShitAnd you probably look like shit too. The kind of food we eat has a large effect on not just how well our body functions, but also on how our body looks. If you're deficient in certain vitamins and minerals, or nutrients you could see yourself looking and acting like a hot messy dumpster fire trash heap. Eat better.2. Spending Money You Don't HaveNothing sucks worse than debt. Not like a few hundred bucks because you have a car payment, more like crippling credit card debt that you can't get out of. That shit stays with you and your shit might get repossessed. Live within your means and set aside a little bit at the end of the month. Spending what you don't have will produce all sorts of worry and stress.3. Always GossipingGossiping is just a fancy word for a type of snitching and we all know snitches get stitches. Talking shit about people behind their back is not only bad form, but you're also a coward. If you got something to say, say it with your chest to their face. At least they'll respect you for being honest.4. Always Complaining Another unhealthy habit, if you complain all the time chances are nobody likes being around you. Yes, life is hard, but nobody likes a Negative Nancy or a Complaining Carl. Misery loves company and the more miserable you are, somehow it seems the more misery you'll bring to your circle. Understand that life has an ebb and flow and while shit sucks now, it can be awesome if you'd just stop being a mopey Molly.5. Overly Self Critical or Overly Critical of OthersEveryone has faults and as cool as you think you are, you're still not perfect, so why don't we take a moment and climb down off our high horse and say something nice to someone. You don't even have to do it that often, just like...once a year or something should be good.6. Regretting the PastNo Ragerts! Just kidding if you have that tattoo, you should regret that. We get it you were the epitome of a clusterfluck in the past. But it's the past. Trust old Rafiki's advice, the past can hurt but you must learn from it and move on. Staying focused on the past is a whole lot of wasting time. A bunch of bullshit. Turn your attention to the future and go forward.

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