Space Olympics
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NASA's Space Olympics on ISS

August 7, 2021
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With the Tokyo Olympics well underway, NASA decided to put their own spin on the festivities and host a Space Olympics!

Check out the video here

NASA stated, "To celebrate the Summer Games in Tokyo, astronauts and cosmonauts held the very first-ever space games aboard the International Space Station. Team Soyuz took on Team Dragon in a friendly competition of synchronized floating, no-hand ball, and more!"

The Space Olympics consisted of the competitors being spilt into two teams: Team Soyuz and Team Dragon. The names of the teams having great significance. Soyuz is a Russian spacecraft that takes astronauts and cosmonauts to and from the ISS. Furthermore, the Soyuz also acts like a lifeboat, with at least one always being attached to the space station. SpaceX's Dragon is an American spacecraft that serves the same function.

However, the teams were not merely split into American vs Russian. Team Soyuz had American Mark T. Vande Hei on their side. Moreover, Team Dragon included an Astronaut from France, Thomas Pesquet. As well as one from Japan, Akihiko Hoshide. The teams showed their grace and skill as they floated and maneuvered in zero gravity. Like the games on Earth, this was a symbol of goodwill and good-natured competition. However unlike the games on Earth, everyone here came out a winner.

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