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Violent But True Bed Time Stories: Terry Allen

November 26, 2017
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We don't think Terry Allen is terrible, although many that fought against Terry would disagree. The exploits of the eventual Major General are legendary and he earned the reputation as the "fightingest man" one officer ever knew. This week's Violent But True Bed Time Story focuses on Major General "Terrible" Terry Allen.

Terry Allen

Terry Allen was a confident guy and that confidence would serve him well in life. One time during World War 1, Terry showed up to a school for Army Infantry officers the day before their graduation. Despite not taking the course, Terry Allen showed extreme confidence when questioned by the commandant of the school and earned a diploma and a promotion to "temporary" Major. While the error was eventually discovered, it was not done so before Major Allen was wounded in combat. While his body was being carried away from the danger zone, Terry woke up and stormed back to the front, rallying his men. He didn't believe that in that "You get to leave when you get shot" bullshit.

Terry Allen

In what is probably still baffling people today, Terry Allen had a stutter, up until the point he got shot again, this time through the jaw. Terry Allen was busy literally beating a mudhole into a German machine gunner's face, breaking his fist, when a single round flew through Terry's jaw. Most people usually experience adverse effects from getting shot in the jaw. Not "Terrible" Terry Allen though, he was a completely different kind of guy. He never had an issue with speaking after that day. He did although have an issue with an ineffective officer, that was cured with a bullet to the ass.

Terry Allen

Allen was a one of a kind officer. Terry is a perfect example of what can be accomplished when you follow the motto of the oldest division in the Army "Work hard and Drink Much."

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