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Violent But True Bed Time Stories: Walter Walsh

November 22, 2017
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In the very first Violent But True episode, our beloved Tim Jensen shares the story of famed FBI agent and Marine Walter Walsh. The badassery knows no limits as Walter clearly demonstrates the ability to do what we've all wanted to do. Dive through the air dual wielding his pistols and actually hitting his targets.

Walter Walsh

Joining the FBI in 1934 Walter Walsh was one of the most legendary trigger pullers to ever carry a gun. Early in Walter's career, he was in several violent shoot-outs as he took down mob boss after mob boss after mob boss. It was a veritable turkey shoot for the expert shooter as he took in droves upon droves of bad guys despite being shot himself. The action at the FBI was great and Walter carved out a name for himself as one of the toughest agents around. However something was missing for Walter, and after ten years with the FBI, Walter decided it was time to leave.

Walter didn't travel far from his roots though, in fact, one might say he expanded upon said roots. Walter joined the United States Marine Corps where he served in the Pacific theatre putting his skills as a shooter to great work. In fact, he was so deadly that despite being pinned down by enemy sniper fire, Walsh used his M1911 to shoot the sniper from 90 yards away, hitting in the torso and killing him.

After the war was over Walter went back to the FBI, but had found his real home among the Marines and served as a shooting instructor until he retired in the 1970's. Along the way, Walter earned a gold medal in the 1952 Olympics in Oslo on the 25-meter centerfire pistol team. He won the silver in the individual event as well (probably because the target wasn't a body).

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