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Violent But True Bed Time Stories: Ronald Speirs

November 23, 2017
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A Combat Veteran joins the Grunt Style 1st Sergeant for this episode dedicated to the ruthless Ronald Speirs. Ronald was one of the most dedicated ball smashers to ever wear jump wings. He was made famous during the HBO series Band of Brothers.

Ronald Speirs

Captain Ronald Speirs served in the 506th parachute infantry regiment during World War II. The rumors about the level of ruthlessness that Captain Speirs showed the Nazi war machine are legendary, to say the least. Ronald Speirs was a no-shit, balls to the wall warrior and the Germans who got in his way paid for it with their lives. One of the rumors is that Speirs, then a lieutenant, lined up thirty German prisoners, gave them each a cigarette and then killed all but one of them.

Ronald Speirs

This was just the beginning of Ronald Speirs list of accomplishments. One night, the allied forces needed to recon a German position. Knowing full well that one man would be difficult to detect, Ronald Speirs jumped in the river and went for a swim. He conducted that recon mission all on his own. The next day, due to the intelligence gained by Speirs, the Allies lit up the German position like it was their own personal Fourth of July. They killed so many people.Perhaps the most legendary act of Ronald Speirs was when he was given command by Major Dick Winters to unf*** the counter-attack of Foy. Without hesitation, Speirs ran into action. He relieved Lt. Norman Dyke of command and organized one half of the assault team. Then Ronald again ran across an entire lit up battlefield to give the second half of the assault team the new orders. Then, they took Foy and killed tons of bad guys.

Ronald Speirs

Captain Ronald Speirs is probably only second in badass accomplishments to Major Dick Winters of the same parachute regiment.

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