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Violent But True Bed Time Stories: George Welch

November 24, 2017
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This week on VBTBTS Tim, joined again by Matt Watters, talk about a household name, sort of. George Welch of the Welch's grape juice fame could've been just another rich guy, but he was like f*** that noise and decided to join the U.S. Army Air Corps instead. Good thing he did too.

George Welch

Instead of galavanting around the world, going to swanky parties and doing all sort of other rich people shit, George Welch had other plans for his life, like becoming a fighter pilot. Before the war broke out for the United States, George Welch was stationed at Pearl Harbor. While he was there, he enjoyed all the wonderful amenities that Hawaii has to offer. One night George and one friend were partaking in joyous feast whilst in their dress uniforms. They arrived back to base that night and passed out like champs! They were awoken the next morning by the sound of alarms as the Japanese attacked Pearl Harbor. This pissed George and his friend off, so much that they ordered their P-40 Warhawks readied for take off. Upon taking off George Welch and his battle buddy smoked two Japanese bombers right off the bat, but George took some damage to the fuselage.

George Welch

They landed to refuel and repair some of the damage. Some prick Major came out yelling at them to not take off, but they didn't really care, they were ready to draw death on God's Etch 'A' Sketch. The two pilots took off again and started raining glorious death down on the attackers as best as two planes could against all of the planes Japan had sent to darken Hawaiian skies. Of the twenty-nine planes shot down by U.S. forces that day, George Welch and his wingman shot down ten between the two of them.

George Welch

For not having official orders to attack the enemy, the two pilots were only awarded Distinguished Service Cross, instead of the Medal of Honor. That is some downright bullshit.

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