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Violent But True Bed Time Stories: Bennie Adkins

November 24, 2017
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Bennie Adkins was a one-man death machine that just couldn't be stopped. The Green Beret was none too pleased with the designs the North Vietnamese army had for his position. When they attacked he let them have it back in kind.

Bennie Adkins

March 4th, 1966 the North Vietnamese attacked Bennie Adkins' base. It was a tiny walled-in compound, but the Viet Cong apparently thought it was pretty important and they started shelling and mortaring the crap out of Bennie's position. Bennie was understandably upset and ran to the nearest mortar he could. He just started dropping round after round of hot furious death in every direction. The Viet Cong weren't the only ones that could throw artillery down range. A mortar landed almost in his lap and blew him out of the mortar pit. He took several pieces of red-hot shrapnel in his back, he didn't care. He jumped back into the pit and started firing again. He didn't let up for three hours, firing for effect in all directions.

Bennie Adkins

It became known to Bennie Adkins that a few men were pinned down, right outside his position. Bennie being the good friend that he is, braved the machine gun and sniper fire to go rescue them. He got all of them back to the medical tent. A group of infantry was coming towards the airfield in a truck. They were trying to finish off his wounded friends. Bennie didn't like that at all. He ran towards them guns blazing, killing them all. The MedEvac choppers were able to take off and get the wounded out of the harm's way. The Viet Cong still hadn't learned and they tried to assault the base. Bennie continued dropping mortars and the Air Force dropped napalm on their stupid heads. Bennie made sure they were dead by running through the flames to stab each one of them.

Bennie Adkins

After all was said and done, Bennie Adkins had been wounded 18 times, but the day wasn't over. Bennie further solidified his reputation by fighting off a tiger to end his day. Bennie Adkins was awarded the Medal of Honor on September 15th, 2014.

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