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Violent But True Bed Time Stories: Robert Bush

November 24, 2017
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Robert Bush is one of the deadliest Corpsman to ever live. He was a great medic and an even better killer of enemy soldiers who tried to hurt his Marines. Devil Docs love their Marines and Robert was no exception to that rule.

Robert Bush

During World War 1, Robert Bush worked at a sawmill in Tacoma Washington. The job was definitely meant for an adult, but because all of the men were off fighting the war, the job fell to these tough ass children. Whenever an inspector would come by to ensure everything was in order, the kids would have to hide under the floorboards. Robert got some training in being a tough motherf***** early on. It would serve him well when he enlisted in the Navy as a Corpsman and was sent to Okinawa with the 1st Marine Division. Those Japanese soldiers were not ready for this Devil Doc to tear through their ranks.

Robert Bush

Upon landing on the Ryukyu Islands, the Marines found the enemy all around them. Robert Bush being the badass Devil Doc that he was, dodged all sorts of fire. Whether it was artillery or small arms fire, Robert Bush treated his Marines quickly and effectively. One time he rushed to help an injured Lieutenant on an exposed hill. The Japanese were not fans of Robert trying to save the lives of the Marines they'd spent so much effort trying to kill. The Japanese threw three grenades at the Lieutenant and Bush like a bunch of assholes. Despite losing an eye and taking shrapnel in his arm Robert picked up the carbine and started waylaying Japanese soldiers who would pop their heads up to fire at them.

Robert Bush

The youngest sailor to be awarded the Medal of Honor during World War 2 was none other than Robert Bush. He smoked six Japanese soldiers while missing an eye and with one arm behind his back. Thanks Doc.

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