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Violent But True Bed Time Stories: Episode 11

November 27, 2017
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Colonel Robert Howard was no stranger to danger. The man had decided to piss off the grim reaper by almost dying several times, only to laugh in death's face. Death was stupid anyway, it kept trying to mess with this hard ass Green Beret.

Robert Howard

The conflict in Vietnam had reached fever pitch and Robert was right in the middle of it all. The man was a certifiable skull-crusher having already earned two Distinguished Service Crosses. Both of which were downgraded from the Medal of Honor because technically Robert and his teammates weren't where the rest of the world thought they should be (Cambodia). Had he been awarded the Medal of Honor (on both occasions), folks would have known that the United States was in places they said they weren't. While the United States was like "Whatever bro, we're killing communists," the U.N. might have been like "Woah bro, you can't do that," and it would have been a giant pain in the ass.

Robert Howard

One time, Robert and his group were actually in Vietnam. They were caught in a heavy ambush that pinned the group of operators down. One of those black-pajama wearing jerks threw a grenade at Robert and it exploded right in his face, destroying his weapon even as he held on to it. That was totally uncool. Robert had been severely wounded by the grenade blast and was knocked unconscious for a short time. When he came to, he was able to hear his fellow wounded soldiers. Because not even grenades can stop Robert Howard, he started pulling his comrades to safety. Some of those wounded were in less serious condition than Robert, but he just kept on going for three more hours until he was the last one off the battlefield.

Robert Howard

For his actions on that day, Robert Howard was awarded the Medal of Honor, for real this time. No downgrades.

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