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Violent But True Bed Time Stories: Brad Kasal

December 8, 2017
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Alright kids, it's time for another example of red-blooded, ball smashing Americana at its finest? Brad Kasal is a one-man wrecking crew when it comes to ruining terrorist lives. Sit back with a glass of Merica Bourbon and enjoy.

Brad Kasal

Brad Kasal, aka death himself, fought in the first gulf war, but he wasn't content to sit back and watch his Marines get some in the next iteration of the gulf war. He was hungry for more and lucky for him, found himself in a city a few of you might have heard of, Fallujah. In 2004, the Marine Corps was tasked to clear the entire city house by house. It is known for one of, if not the most brutal battle in Iraq. The then 1st Sgt Brad Kasal found himself deeply immersed in the intense fighting. On November 13th, 2004 several Marines entered a building where insurgent scumbags were waiting. The insurgents opened up fire on the Marines. Several were wounded. That's when killing machine Kasal sprinted into the house to render aid.

Brad Kasal

Pop, pop, pop make insurgents drop, 1st Sgt. Kasal killed the first insurgent he saw by putting a warhead on a forehead. Right after that, Kasal and his Marines were sprayed with AK fire. It ripped through his leg. Then grenades were dropped on their position. What a bunch of assholes. Brad jumped on top of an already wounded PFC, shielding him from the blast and taking more shrapnel in the process. Kasal then started pulling the wounded Marines from the kill zone. He pulled his sidearm and guarded the wounded Marines against any follow-on attacks for an hour and a half.

Brad Kasal

Finally, when reinforcements came, he refused treatment until the rest of the Marines under him had been treated, despite copious amounts of blood loss. For his actions that day, saving the lives of many Marines who would otherwise have been KIA, 1st. Sgt Brad Kasal was awarded the Navy Cross and promoted to Sgt. Major.

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