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Violent But True Bed Time Stories: Episode 7

November 26, 2017
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There is good reason why they're called the Greatest Generation. Van Barfoot is another one of the steely-eyed slayers of hordes of German soldiers during World War 2. Take a read of Van Barfoot's exploits.

Van Barfoot

It was may of 1944 in Carano, Italy. The Germans were holding strong in the mountains as the allies advanced. Van Barfoot's unit was ordered to take the German position which was covered by mines and heavy automatic weapons fire. The MG 42, was super deadly and most people wanted no part in being its target. Van Barfoot didn't give a f***, he asked his lieutenant if he could run through the minefield and assault the position. The lieutenant was short on volunteers for the suicidal run, so acquiesced to Barfoot's request. With no hesitation, he ran through the minefield and came upon a German bunker. He killed everyone in that stupid machine gun nest. He wasn't scared of those MG 42s anyways. He ran through bunkers killing and taking prisoners like it was his job (because it was his job). He finished this run with 17 prisoners.

Van Barfoot

The day was far from done and the Germans thought that maybe tanks could stop this one man wrecking machine. They were wrong. No sooner had the three tanks appeared, than Barfoot took one of them out with a bazooka to the tracks. The Germans had nothing to account for Van Barfoot and his bat-shit crazy killing spree. Barfoot wasn't done though, the killer had a soft spot for his fellow soldiers and helped get two wounded men to safety. He can kill the enemy, take them prisoner, destroy their tanks and give aid to his fellow soldiers. Is there anything Barfoot can't do?

Van Barfoot

Apparently not as he was awarded the Medal of Honor upon his return to the United States. He lived until the age of 92 and passed away in 2012.

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