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Violent But True Bed Time Stories: Hugh Glass

November 26, 2017
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There aren't a lot of men who can stand up to the assault from a grizzly bear and live to tell the tale. Hugh Glass is probably one of a very select few people who can. He was an unkillable mountain man driven by his thirst for revenge.

Hugh Glass

The year was 1823 and Hugh Glass found himself on a fur trapping expedition. Unfortunately while scouting ahead, Hugh found himself at odds with a f***ing grizzly bear for coming between her and her cubs. That was a bad move, but ultimately despite the numerous grievous injuries, Hugh lived. The bear, not so fortunate. Hugh was in tremendously bad shape though when his comrades found him. Even with exposed ribs, bleeding from seemingly everywhere, broken arm and leg, he was somehow still alive. His friends loaded him up on a stretcher and carried him for a few miles. They got tired quickly over the rough terrain and Hugh wasn't getting better anytime soon. Two men were left to wait for him to die as the party continued on.

Hugh Glass

The two men were Jim Bridger and John Fitzgerald. Jim was the only one with any real sense and John, well he was a tool and convinced Jim to abandon Hugh and bury him in a shallow grave while he still yet lived. Funny thing about Hugh, he didn't feel like dying so despite all of his wounds, he used his knowledge of the land to treat his own wounds and get himself to a friendly Sioux tribe that would see him cared for and patched up. Upon his recovery, Hugh Glass set out to find Jim and John, the two men who'd abandoned him to die and retrieve his prized rifle. He didn't kill Jim but definitely gave him some harsh words. Joh, however, had enlisted in the Army and therefore couldn't be killed unless Hugh wanted to die himself.

Hugh Glass

Instead, some soldiers sympathized with Hugh and after he got his rifle back, he was given some money that the soldiers had collected for him. Don't mess with bears kids.

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