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Violent But True: Episode 4

November 22, 2017
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World War II was not short on badasses. One of those badasses was Peter Ortiz. Peter Ortiz originally hailed from New York but grew up in France. At the onset of World War II, Peter joined the French Foreign Legion and began slaying bodies, making that sweet green grass grow.[caption id="attachment_14868" align="alignnone" width="750"]

Peter Ortiz

Gimme a minute![/caption]Unfortunately, during his time with the French Foreign Legion, Peter was captured (Oh no!). Don't worry though he escaped. Upon his escape, Peter found himself back in the United States where he found a group of like-minded individuals ready to make the green grass grow as well. Peter knew this was the place for him and he promptly joined the United States Marine Corps.With tons of experience and ribbons from his time in the French Foreign Legion, the Marine Corps decided he ought to be Lieutenant, and so he was. The Marine Corps put him in charge of a small guerilla operation in France. The no f***s given attitude of Peter Ortiz was apparent in that he wore his service alpha's on reconnaissance patrols (behold the field in which he grows his f****, you will notice it is barren).

Peter Ortiz

Peter Ortiz loved the Marine Corps, and the German army officers hated him and the Marine Corps because of all the death and destruction the two caused. These officers routinely talked down about the Marine Corps, upon one occasion though, Peter Ortiz overheard them. This was a bad idea for the Germans as Peter made an example out of them. After the war, he went into acting (although being a badass wasn't an act for Colonel Ortiz) and acted with the likes of John Wayne in several movies. Luckily for America's enemies, Colonel Ortiz isn't alive today, he'd kill them all just for funsies.

Peter Ortiz

Generally speaking, talking shit about the Marine Corps doesn't end with those people besmirching the Corps drawing another breath.

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