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Violent But True: Episode 5

November 22, 2017
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Peter Frauchen definitely ranks as one of, if not the manliest man to ever live. In our series, he's got a lot of competition, but he's definitely in the running. Peter did all sorts of things in his life, but killing Nazi's was something he really enjoyed.

Peter Frauchen

The medical student turned explorer turned resistance fighter was so tough that even being buried in an avalanche couldn't kill him. You'd think that the frostbite would have slowed him down a little bit especially when it cost him his left leg. Peter wasn't a huge fan of slowing down, giving up or dying for that matter. After all, there was wilderness to be explored and Nazis to lay waste to.

Peter Frauchen

Upon joining the resistance in Denmark, Peter Frauchen started piling bodies of Nazis high, too bad they captured him and sentenced him to death. But just like in the avalanche, Peter didn't feel like dying that day, so he didn't. He then promptly joined the resistance in Sweden to only further piss of Hitler. While we're sure it goes without saying, Peter Frauchen and Hitler totally didn't see eye to eye. The main reason they didn't get along was that Hitler was a major tool.

Peter Frauchen

After the end of the war, Peter moved to New York, where he married a stunningly beautiful Vogue illustrator and proceeded to party with Mae West, write 30 some odd books, and win a game show. Is there anything he can't do? In fact, we're pretty sure Peter died only because someone thought he couldn't do it and there wasn't anything that he couldn't or hadn't already done. He even acted in an Oscar-winning movie based on one of his books. And that is why most of us are a disappointment to our parents, we're not Peter Frauchen.

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