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Visiting Your Recruiter

December 27, 2017
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Visiting your recruiter after basic training can be an eye-opening experience. If you had a bad experience in boot camp, your recruiter will pile on additional evidence that the military doesn't care about you.

visiting your recruiter

Upon walking into the office, you'll probably see that he doesn't even remember your name and you'll see that a lot of shit recruiters say, was said just to get you to sign on that precious dotted line. The recruiter doesn't care if you hate him, after all, he got his and you're in for the duration of your contract. You've already found out that the military is nothing like Call of Duty. Also, you're probably going to see a lot of naked people seeing as how you all shower together and there is no such thing as privacy. Also, he knows you didn't get your preferred job. How does he know, because he wrote the contract and lied about it, but what are you going to do about it now, he's an E-7 and you're a lowly E-1.

visiting your recruiter

The time to be a hardass with your recruiter was before you signed on the dotted line. Not after you've gone to basic training where they not only insulted you but your entire family lineage as well. We suggest not going to your recruiter and bitching and moaning. Chances are he knows people at your next duty station and can make life a living hell for you. As big as the military is, it's actually a really small place and you'll never know who can make your life suck more than it already does. The last thing you want when checking into your first duty station is to be known as the guy who went and cried to his recruiter.

visiting your recruiter

Try to avoid the temptation of visiting your recruiter if you want to bitch them out. If you want to laugh and joke, go ahead, but remember, they're either NCO's or SNCO's and they probably don't give a shit about your PFC problems.

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