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We Were Going to Protest, Butt...

January 4, 2019
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We love a good protest. This country was founded on protest. I mean hell yeah let's dump some tea in the damn harbor to protest taxes. Let's take on the largest empire in the history of the world, protesting the bullshit they forced on the colonies. Protesting is about as American as Apple Pie and killing communists. Now, with all of that being considered, we're going to take a moment to laugh at this bit of protesting done by Antifa.Antifa. Oh, Antifa, you try so hard and you fail just as hard. During a protest by Antifa against the group Him Too (an advocacy group which promotes awareness for men falsely accused of sexual assault) a protestor had had just about enough of the police presence. Instead of protesting the group she was there to actually engage against, this protestor went below and beyond the call of booty by unleashing her bum for the world to see.Right in front of a Portland, Oregon police officer who was there to ensure order and safety of all protestors, she dropped trou and let it be known that she did not indeed think the world of him, despite the fact that he was indeed keeping the peace.What a wonderful story of a peaceful and righteous protest."Hey officer, I'm here because of that group I don't like, but since you're just standing here doing your job, ensuring that this protest doesn't become a violent bloodbath, here is my ass and a solid middle finger for you as well."The logic that some people use, is quite baffling. I mean, you may not love the police, you may not love Antifa (who really does, pretty sure they all hate themselves), you may hate the group. I highly doubt dropping trou and throwing the finger to a dude who isn't even doing shit to you is going to secure the end that you're protesting for. What do we know though? Just a dumb Lance Corporal here. (shrug)

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