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Weapons Cleaning 101 for Iranian Generals

December 17, 2018
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Well, it's a sad day for the people of Iran as one of their most experienced and prized generals lost his life due to a tragic firearms accident. Please make sure that you know, beforehand that we're totally making fun of this asshat and all his compatriots. We know you should get the fact that this is a joke, but you know, some people might think we're actually sympathizing with Iran and their shitty military.So when you clean a gun Mr. Iranian general dude, the first step is to point the muzzle in a safe direction. Your face, in case you were wondering, is not a safe direction for the muzzle to be pointed at. It usually ends up with you putting a bullet in your face. Which for the United States, that is just, well you know, problem solved right there. And also we're totally cool with you doing that too.Next, without your finger on the trigger and with the weapon on safe, make sure you push the magazine release button. That will take the thing that stores the bullets out of the pew pew machine. Remember Generals, keep the muzzle away from your stupid face.While the muzzle is still away from your face, and the magazine has been removed, pull the slide to the rear, ejecting any round that may have been intentionally or accidentally chambered. Remember an important part of this step is to ensure that you don't pull the trigger like you're starring in a John Woo action flick. John Wick, you are not. Stupid Iranian general, you are.Again, muzzle pointed not at your face or any other part of your body, magazine removed, chamber clear, then take the weapon apart. Doing things in this order will surely prevent you from wrecking your day and ruining your not so hot mug.If you are an Iranian general officer and you found this to be helpful, please rate five stars and subscribe to our channel! If you are a United States citizen with a better working knowledge of firearms than one of the most experienced generals in Iran, please share with your friends so they can all see how stupid this clusterfluck of a general was.

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