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What's Going to Happen When You Get a Belgian Malinois

November 1, 2019
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Yeah, everyone wants the Belgian Malinois or Maligator breed now because it's been biting the fuck out of terrorists for quite some time and it got made famous for this latest raid. It's a great dog, I've had the joy of getting bit by several different Maligators (via bite suit or sleeve) and they definitely live up to their fucking nicknames of Maligator. They chomp hard. They run fast. Great fucking doggo, that everyone wants one because it's the cool thing to do just be aware that unless you know what the fuck you're doing with your Malinois you're going to be very upset. Malinois are very energetic breeds and they don't have a proverbial off switch. So what'll happen when YOU get a Malinois?Well, first you're going to be very mad because the dog is going to require all of your attention all of the time for play or exercise or the puppers will destroy your shit. Then you'll get angry and think "Fuck, this Malinois sucks," and you'll give the doggo up to the shelter because you can't keep up with the pooch literally eating through your doors. Then you'll get another one thinking "Oh this one will be better," but instead, you'll have the same problems because you DON'T KNOW WHAT THE FUCK YOU ARE DOING.Look, it may not be the case for everyone and we're speaking in very broad and general terms here regarding people, but Malinois are working dogs for a reason, they have high drive, high intelligence, and high energy. If you're not familiar with the breed and how to train it and work it properly, you'll just end up being an ignorant asshole talking shit about a dog that was too smart and too energetic for you.So I guess, what I'm really trying to say here is...If you know about Malinois and how to train them, can give them a job to do, fucking great. Awesome. Get a Maligator and enjoy life. However, if you're the kind of person that usually puts your dog in a purse and finds soy protein a choice alternative to animal protein, don't fucking get a Malinois. All that dog will do is make you look fucking stupid and like an asshole for continually rehoming Malinois' that you have no idea how to train or handle.And if you think I'm preaching at you, good, because I am. Doggos are cool and they don't deserve dipshit ignorant owners.

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