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5 Military Podcasts You Should Listen to This Week

Active Military
Active Military
July 6, 2021
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There are a ton of great military podcasts. However, we can only fit so many on a list. Here are 5 of the top Military Podcasts you should check out this week.

Smoke Pit Podcast

This no frills podcast has captured the experience of side splitting banter and story telling in the smoke pit. Hosted by Daniel Sharp, who is a combat veteran and former Marine. This show brings on amazing guests like MOH recipient Kyle Carpenter, & former UFC fighter Tim Kennedy who discuss mental health, and life after service. Check them out on Apple Podcast and Spotify, and more.[

smoke pit podcast

The Smoke Pit Podcast[/caption]

Drinkin' Bros

This long time favorite is hosted by Jarred Taylor, Dan Hollaway, and Ross Patterson. The Drinking Bros community has raised a vast amount for charitable organizations, and constantly brings on famous guests. Black Rifle Coffee founders Mat Best and Evan Hafer also grab a mic to voice their opinions. Check out their YouTube channel here.

military podcasts

Drinkin' Bros[/caption]

Team Never Quit Podcast

Being a Navy SEAL is extremely tough to begin with. However, it is even more impressive to see two brothers earning the Trident. Brothers, Marcus and Morgan Luttrell host the Team Never Quit Podcast. They interview men and women who have survived trials and tribulations to become stronger individuals.  Check out their website here.

Team Never Quit Podcast[/caption]

Brass and Unity Podcast

Kelsi Sheren is a Canadian combat veteran who talks about everything from entrepreneurship, to her own life changing experiences. Kelsi has a new book coming out in the near future that is sure to resonate with PTSD survivors, and military enthusiasts alike. This is a "must listen" for anyone who worked with other nations overseas. Check out her podcast on Apple Podcast, Spotify, Google and more!

Brass & Unity Podcast

Brass & Unity Podcast[/caption]

Joko Podcast

Hosted by retired Navy SEAL, Joko Willink, this focuses on mental toughness, and resiliency. This is arguably the most popular military podcast out there, with nearly 25k reviews on Apple Podcast. Joko has one of the longest podcasts out there, so it is great for a road trip or long ruck march. Check his website out here.

military podcasts

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