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American Grit Podcast: Death Waits in the Dark w/ Greg Coker

Veteran News
Veteran News
Active Military
Active Military
September 1, 2022
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CW4 (R) Greg Coker served 22 years in the U.S. Army, 15 years as an AH-6 “Little Bird” attack helicopter instructor pilot who was specially recruited, assessed, and selected in the Army’s only Special Operations Helicopter unit, 160th Special Operations Aviation Regiment. 

“Gravy” recently finished writing a book, Death Waits in the Dark — Six Guns Don’t Miss, the story of a special operations attack helicopter pilot who flew with the renowned 160th Special Operations Regiment (Airborne), and the incredible friendships Greg Coker and his fellow compatriots forged in the heat of combat.

About the American Grit Podcast 

American Grit hosts tough and often avoided conversations with people of influence that look to illuminate our listeners by sharing information that directly impacts the Grunt Style Culture. Our guests come from all walks of life: Military Veterans, Law Enforcement, First Responders,Veteran Entrepreneurs,  Former DOD Chief of Staff’s, Skilled shooters , Professional wrestlers, Hall of Fame Martial Artist, Blue collar professionals and everyone in between.

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