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Ground Truth w/ Mayra Guillen

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November 16, 2022
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Meet Marya Guillen, older sister of Vanessa Guillen. A family name you need to remember – because their battle for justice, answers and reform is one we can all get behind. Marya shares her experiences, her aspirations for the future – and her hopes for reform in the ever slow to change Armed Forces.

If you’re interested in more information, catch Mayra Guillen on the American Grit Podcast.

The American Grit Podcast

Click here to watch the episode!

Grunt Style's Co Owner, Tim Jensen addresses a panel of M.S.T. subject matter experts, survivors, and advocates in a different format than usual. Included are Navy veteran Janae Sergio, Navy veteran Stephanie Gattas, and Mayra Guillen (sister of Vanessa Guillen.)

This roundtable discussion went in-depth into the current state of advocacy and the future of the struggle for reform within the halls of congress all the way to the D.O.D.

What is Military Sexual Trauma?

Military Sexual Trauma (MST) is an experience of sexual assault or sexual harassment during military service. Unlike the often talked about post-military mental health condition PTSD, MST is not a diagnosis or mental health condition. It is one of the highest forms of betrayal where those who are depended upon for survival end up violating their own colleagues or subordinates, breaking the social agreement of trust.  The victim, while still in a dependent situation, is unable to confront or break ties with the perpetrator of the violation.  This damages the victim’s well-being, self-concept, relationships and view of the world. Rape and interpersonal violence, which causes PTSD, is made even worse when it occurs in the military because of continued exposure and involvement with the perpetrator. 

If you'd like more information or need resources, we've provided a list below to get you help help today.


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About the American Grit Podcast

American Grit hosts tough and often avoided conversations with people of influence that look to illuminate our listeners by sharing information that directly impacts the Grunt Style Culture. Our guests come from all walks of life: Military Veterans, Law Enforcement, First Responders,Veteran Entrepreneurs,  Former DOD Chief of Staff’s, Skilled shooters , Professional wrestlers, Hall of Fame Martial Artist, Blue collar professionals and everyone in between.

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