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5 of the Best Memes for Veterans Day

Active Military
Active Military
November 11, 2020
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Veterans Day is upon us again. Although, the military can be a drag sometimes, it can also produce some of the best memories. As a result, some of us had a love/hate relationship with our service. However, we have a long tradition of using humor to ease the pain. Assuming we are all adults, and don't get our feeling hurt. Here are some of the best memes for Veterans Day courtesy of Pop smoke. Don't take anything personal, these are all in good fun. Enjoy!

1. Dale Gribble

Some vets live for the opportunity to call out a stolen valor turd.


College and high school cadets can be a bit over zealous. So it is ok to make fun of them. Especially when they think they rate.

Veterans Day
3. Bill Murray is a legend

This Caddyshack throwback perfectly sums up our attempts to stay optimistic.

Veterans Day
4. The regret

At the time it sucked, but looking back it was some of the best times we've ever had. This always becomes more apparent when you see the flood of pictures on Veterans Day.

Veterans Day
5. F*ck that guy

If you know who this is then you see why it is so funny.

Veterans Day

Take care of your fellow vets, and yourself. If you drink, enjoy a few man sodas with a buddy. If not, then knock out a few motivated pushups. Enjoy your free meals, and tip your servers! Also, remember many of our allies are celebrating their Remembrance Day. Keep a thought out for those Veterans as well.

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