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The Accidental Sky Penis Incident

Active Military
Active Military
May 31, 2019
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Suuuure it was Air Force...sure it was. We don't think that any interservice rivalries were considered during the "dogfighting" maneuvers that caused yet another sky penis to be drawn in the air...don't get us wrong, we're not mad about Sky Penis II, we just don't think it was an accident.Why did we name it Sky Penis II instead of Sky Penis 2.0...well mainly because the quality was lacking. There wasn't a...real consistent wang shape and it was left open at the bottom...good effort, just not quite up to par with the Navy's version. Sorry. The Department of the Navy has a long tradition of drawing wangly dangly bits on everything to passed out PFCs faces to porta-shitters in both Iraq and Afghanistan.We appreciate you upping the ante and paying mad respects to our boy, Harambe, around the anniversary of his death, but next time try to be a little bit more anatomically correct. Also, we're not really buying the whole:

"It was an accident brought on by dog fighting maneuvers."

We're not fighter pilots here and we literally know absolutely jack and shit about dogfighting except what we learned from Top Gun, Wing Commander, and Iron Eagle, but we highly doubt that there is a maneuver taught in dogfighting known as the Dickus Aerialus or Phallus Aerialus...we could be stupid wrong, but we think we're on point. You guys drew that giant dick in the sky on purpose and there is nothing wrong with owning that fact.We know the powers that be are going to continue to deny that it was deliberate, but...c'mon Air Force, you know you guys wanted to draw a big ol dangler in the sky to show the Navy you're not the squares that everyone thinks you were. You guys are rebels, and you draw dicks in the sky, just like your immature brethren in the Navy and Marine Corps...Here's looking at you Army, you better like...destroy grid squares with artillery in the shape of a giant wang or we're going to let the Coast Guard start making fun of you.

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