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Alpha Outpost Review: EDC Pack

Mammoth Sniper Challenge
Mammoth Sniper Challenge
November 30, 2016
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My name is Mary R. and I am a Marine Corps Sergeant Veteran currently living in Chicago. Although I currently work indoors, I enjoy engaging outdoor activities such as hiking and camping.Subscription: Alpha OutpostThe Cost: $39.95/mo + $6.95 shipping

My Box: “The EDC”

This kit claims to have all the basics and looks perfect for the hobbies and activities that I enjoy. When I opened the package, I saw...

The Pack


It seems to be good quality. I would assume if you bought a similar backpack at a sporting goods store it would easily cost over $40.00. This pack has a lot of compartments and the color is nice. It is sleek enough to use at college but durable enough to take hiking or in the field.

Ball Cap


An extra hat is always useful, especially if you are an outdoors person. You never know when the sun will be too bright and you could use some extra coverage. It is black and white with limited color, which is nice if you are concerned about the hat matching your attire.



I really like the black, sleek look. It is great that this is included in the package because whether you need it for safety or setting up camp, it is always nice to have an extra knife. It’s easy to just keep this in the pack in case you need it. Maybe it’s because I am a girl, but I was excited about this next product.



Living in a cold climate, chapstick is a necessity. I was pleasantly surprised to feel the quality. It is very smooth and has a minty flavor.



This flashlight is small and can fit in a pocket or can hang around your wrist. This is another good thing to just keep in the backpack in case there is ever a power outage or you get stuck in your car at night. Batteries were not included.



I have never had to use one in an emergency, but I know these are great to have in case of a medical emergency. Even if it is not being used in an emergency situation, this is a good item to have, just in case.This box also came with a booklet naming and describing each item. This is useful in case you have never seen one of the products before, or don't know how to use them.


This box is definitely worth the 39.99 price. I think the backpack alone probably costs more than that. The EDC box gives you a lot for your money, and all of the items are high quality and practical. I am looking forward to being able to use these items at home and outdoors.

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