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Barracks Tales, Vol. 3

Mammoth Sniper Challenge
Mammoth Sniper Challenge
October 13, 2015
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This one time in the barracks- Vol. 3

First User SubmissionBack story: While deployed overseas, we had an E4 who wasn't all there. He made a game of dry humping SPC G. His name for this story is SPC P. About halfway through the year, SPC J, decided to get in on the game to everyone else's amusement.During Demobilization, SPC J walks into G's room. Looks him in the eye and whispers "it's on." After much fighting and screaming by G, they wind up on the Latrine floor, with most of the platoon holding the door open watching and laughing. I, thinking this could be so much better flew down the hallway and power slid into P's room. Explain the situation. After a moments hesitation, he throws his laptop aside, runs down the hall full speed, stripping as he goes. Pulls down his pants while he slides to the door so he's in his boxers, jumps into the mix, throws G's leg over his shoulder and begins to go to town.


So now we have a fully clothed G, laying on the bathroom floor fighting against a brutal trouser face full by SPC J. With one leg on SPC P's shoulder getting underwear contact to his ass. And at this, this perfect moment, the pristine illumination of homo-erotic hilarity. The Pizza girl walks by, and they all stop, and look at her. And their eyes make contact. As she almost drops the pizzas, her jaw falls in shock and disgust, and continues mission.Meanwhile I laid on the floor crying and pissed my pants.Disclaimer : for all you EO heroes, this was a game year round. They all got each other. They were all in on it, and they were all consenting adults to the highest level of fuck fuck games.

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