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5 Worst Duty Stations in the Air Force

Mammoth Sniper Challenge
Mammoth Sniper Challenge
August 14, 2015
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Hello again everybody. We are back with day 3 of our look around the services at the places we all liked to be stationed the least. We have already covered the Army and the Marine Corps. Today, it's the Air Force's turn.We spoke to the Air Force veterans of Grunt Style, and a few of our fans, and we have come up with the list of the 5 worst duty stations in the Air Force. What will be a shock to all of us Army and Marine veterans, not one place on the list is a hotel with poor room service :) (just kidding zoomies).

#5 - Thule Air Base, Greenland

Thule is located 450 miles above the arctic circle. That's really pretty much all you need to know about why Thule made this list.

#4 - Osan Air Base, South Korea

The consensus we got from Air Force veterans was that the amount of time you spend doing exercises at Osan is insane coupled with the fact that the place smelled badly gets this duty station on our list.


#3 - Wright-Patterson AFB, Ohio

5 worst duty stations in the air force

Like other posts we have talked about from the Army and Marines, if you join the Air Force thinking you are going to see the world, you will probably get hit by a karma train and get sent to Dayton, OH. We are told also that civilians have been in control there since the F-4 was around and there is no changing that.

#2 - Edwards AFB, California

[caption id="attachment_10774" align="aligncenter" width="1024"]

Overhead view is displayed for Edwards Air Force Base, Calif. -- main base area. (U.S. Air Force photo)[/caption]What is it about the military and desert installations? The Army and the Marines each have a post in the 5 worst duty stations that are located in the desert. The Air Force does too. Edwards is the famous base where they do all the testing of air craft. The reason why it's at Edwards? Because it's so out in the middle of no where, that if a test craft crashes, it won't hit anything but scrub brush.

#1 - Minot AFB, North Dakota

Just like the Army and the Marines, the Air Force has a duty station that is pretty much universally despised. Getting sent to Minot seems to be more of a sentence rather than an assignment. The Air Force has bases literally all over the world. Some are unlucky enough to get sent to North Dakota.Well, those are it. The 5 worst duty stations in the Air Force. There are so many Air Force bases all over the world and naming just 5 means we are sure to have left some pretty awful places off this list, so be sure to tell us which should be on here.

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