Choosing the best beer
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Choosing the Best Beer: Tips for Beer Lovers

Diet & nutrition 101
Diet & nutrition 101
October 26, 2017
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Before you go out tonight, you might want to check out a video that we've prepared through countless drunken nights with hours of dedicated professional research. It has always been a thing to pair wine with certain foods. But what if you don't like wine? What if you prefer a powerful porter or an awesome ale instead of wine? Most of us have just been going with our go-to beer for whatever meal we get. Choosing the best beer for a particular meal doesn't have to be impossible. We're simple creatures and there is nothing wrong with that. We know what we like and it's damn good. That's all we need to know. Being simple and decisive in a complicated culture of uncertainty, we make our mark.In that mindset, we went out and did the legwork for you in researching the type of beer you should have with each meal. You may like it, you may not, all we ask is that you give it a try. You may stick to your tried and true brew or find a couple of new favorites to share with your friends.How about this? We'll give you 8 types of beers to try with 8 different types of food. Hopefully, the pairs enhance your eating and drinking experience as the two compliment each other in new and intoxicating ways.

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