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Wild Game Recipes: Tips and Ideas

Diet & nutrition 101
Diet & nutrition 101
October 1, 2022
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Imagine this, you bring a date home. They compliment the antlers above your mantle. Now, a lesser hunter would immediately launch into a story of how arduous the hunt was, and brag about how ethereal their trigger squeeze was to hit a fist sized target at 800 yards, using iron sights of course. 

However, you’re a paragon of stoic humility. Instead, you my friend describe how delicious using ground elk in your shepherd's pie can be. Not only does that open up a whole new area of conversation, you remain mysterious, sexy, and equipped to tantalize all the senses. 

Before this can become a reality, you need a supply of wild game meat. Assuming you applied all of our basic hunting tips, and our tips for quartering, it’s time to get busy in the kitchen and turn all that hard work into mouth watering sustenance. Here are a few tips & ideas for how to do just that.

Shot placement

We like well aimed shots, but sometimes mistakes happen. You may have heard stress alters the taste of meat. You don’t want to find this out the hard way after nearly falling off a mountain while tracking down a wounded buck. Also, you’ll be missing out if you ruin a prime cut of meat with an errant shot. 

Jerkies galore

Jerkies can be made from nearly any lean meat, and can be prepared in an oven or a dehydrator. There are many ways to achieve this, but the most important ingredient is patience. Between soaking, marinating, and cooking, this can be very time consuming. Also, using a cut of meat that is too fatty, or has too many fibers, is a sure fire way to feel like you wasted your time. It is hard to be seductive while eating a stringy piece of jerky. Although, not impossible. 

Burgers, patties, meatballs and patties 

This is pretty self explanatory, but the most important thing here is the equipment. A meat grinder can range from $50 to $25,000. Do your homework before you buy, and make sure to keep it clean. Getting goose poops an hour after dinner can really kill the vibes.


Don’t know what else to do with the leftovers? No need to fear, there are tons of uses. You can make soaps and candles from the tallow. This can result in the perfect ambiance for your post date scrub-a-dub-dub. 

In conclusion, get creative with your culinary adventures. Think outside the box. For example, some hunters swear by using the caul fat in their meatloaf cooking. Getting inventive with your crafts, and decor, means the possibilities are endless. Just make sure your meats are cooked enough to kill any harmful bacteria, and make sure to pair with the right wine (or whiskey) for maximum deliciousness. Giggity. 

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