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Chronicles of Mattis: Episode One

October 5, 2018
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That ricin shit was weak AF, thought SecDef Mattis as he watched the remnants of his vengeance cleaned off the Pentagon grounds. After leaving the Marine Corps and prior to his appointment as Secretary of Defense, it appears that some thought him weak, vulnerable...mortal. Shit was going to change. He had played the political game, remaining extremely poised and diplomatic despite the growing desire to single-handedly destroy those that would do America harm. Still, he had to play it safe. He could not let the people know...He had the tools at his disposal and his Marines were chomping at the bit for someone new to fight. He had trained them well. They were intelligent, brutish, cunning and lethal. Instruments made in his deadly image. He had spent the better part of 44 years slowly honing, sharpening the Marine Corps into a weapon...his weapon, a weapon for America. And his enemies had awoken the beast within. They had made an attempt on his life.It didn't matter that the weapons crafted by the hands of mere mortals could not even give him a paper cut, much less poison him. It was the insolence and the disrespect of the act that had pushed him to the decision he now had to make. Unleash his raw, unadulterated power, or continue to placate those who do not realize the gift they had been given.He could not let his true identity be known.These thoughts and more drifted through his mind as he sipped his was a mortal concoction, yes, but when brewed with Tabasco in the grounds, it was delectable. Those Senior Chiefs from the Navy sure knew a thing or two about coffee.He smiled. This was just the beginning. His dog, Sorebrek wagged his tail and looked at his master. Mattis looked down at his faithful friend."Soon."

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