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Kill Your Halloween Decorations with These Fang-tastic Ideas

Veteran News
Veteran News
October 1, 2022
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Decorating for the holidays is a neighborhood competition. Who has the scariest décor, who has the brightest lights? This year, be clever and cunning as you tip your hat to iconic references and turn your front yard in a spooky scary fantasy. 

Person laughing with a skeleton decoration

Zombie battlefield 

Remember how much fun field ops were back in the day? Set your front yard up for your kids to have their own warzone. When they’re done throwing mud pies at one another, take your old gear and plastic skeletons and set the scene. Grab some nerf guns from the local thrift store, or eBay, and use them for your undead army to carry into righteous battle (you should probably keep those orange tips btw).

Some emergency lights, lumber for barricades, fluorescent yarn, or fake barb wire, and you can create “survivor zones” to pass your candy out. Some fake hands sticking out of the ground, and tombstones can make it feel like you’re in the heart of the battle.  

Max from Stranger Things 

The latest pop culture icon, Stranger Things, has given the world quite a few goodies to recreate. With the horrific reality of the upside-down, and nostalgic flashbacks to simpler times. By taking an “adult” skeleton (like from target) and dressing it up like you were back in the 80’s, you’ve made yourself a Max. Using fishing wire and other secret evil powers, hang the Max in your yard and on Halloween night, play your favorite song in hopes she comes down!

Little Shop of Horrors 

This one is for the crafty, and the plant lovers. Feeling ambitious enough to let fake plants overrun your yard, with the added bonus of not keeping up with the lawn care? Turn a giant yoga ball into a hungry Venus fly-trap ready to rule the world, spray paint and pool noodles will go so far so long as you believe. Another approach can be to use foam, rubber, wires and cables to make your guests holler for more than trick-or-treats!

Halloween is the best time of the year to get creative. Have fun, and be tasteful. Gore has shock value, but does anyone ever really remember those houses? Be the most talked about house on the block this year, be witty, be wicked.

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