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Camping in Tennessee: Fall Creek Falls State Park

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Fall Creek Falls isn't just one of Tennessee's biggest and most popular state parks; it's also the only state park with the word "fall" in it twice (don't fact-check us on that). 

When it comes to camping in Tennessee, you can't beat Fall Creek Falls in the fall. Try saying that with a southern drawl, y'all. 

Joking aside, there's a reason thousands of visitors from across the eastern United States and beyond flock to the park. With waterfalls, lush forests, golf courses, and great campsites—there's a multitude of attractions to see, both natural and man-made. 

Here is our guide on how best to experience the park and what you can expect to see.

How to get to Fall Creek Falls State Park

At over 26,000 acres in size, the park is pretty hard to miss. Head north from Chattanooga, and you'll find it somewhere in Bledsoe and Van Buren counties.

If you're looking for more specific directions, though, it's about 11 miles east of Spencer, 18 miles west of Pikeville, and can be reached by Highway 111 or 30. 

Where to camp in Fall Creek Falls State Park

There's a bounty of choices regarding where to camp in the park. There are 222 total campsites, 92 of which have full hook-ups for utilities. If you'd rather not pitch a tent, then choose one of the 20 lakeside lodges on offer.

Fall Creek Falls Campground is the main campsite, located close to the waterfalls. While it'd be nice to camp directly under the falls like a mystical shaman guarding their treasure, sadly, that's not an option—this campground is as close as you can get.

Sightseeing in Fall Creek Falls State Park

If you're a fan of waterfalls, then golly, are you in luck. The park contains not only the namesake falls, but the majestic Coon Creek falls, Cane Creek Falls, and Rockhouse Falls as well. 

There's plenty for waterfall-agnostic visitors, too, like the numerous hiking trails showcasing epic cascades, gorges, and groves of virgin timber. 

Activities in Fall Creek Falls State Park

Golfing enthusiasts might consider bringing their clubs along on their trip to Fall Creek Falls. Not just one of the best fall camping locations in Tennessee, it's one of the area's best golfing destinations. 

The 18-hole championship golf course is one of the most scenic courses in America and a three-time selection by Golf Digest as one of the Top 100 Public Places to Play.

Other activities include kayaking, swimming in the lake and pool, rock climbing, fishing, and mountain biking. Visitors can also check out the Nature Center for a quick lesson on the park's history.

Best time of year to go camping in Tennessee

In our opinion, the best time to go camping is always now. Others might not see it that way, though, so we recommend spring and early fall camping to avoid the crowds.

Fall camping locations offer a quieter environment, beautiful changing leaves, and temperatures that are still pleasant. 

So there you have it—our guide to camping in Fall Creek Falls State Park. If it inspires you to hit the road, then why not start packing the truck? Otherwise, check out our other guides on travel destinations and outdoor gear.

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