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Mom Bod and Dad Bod: Full Body Workout Guide

January 15, 2023
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With 2022 finally in the rearview mirror, you may start reflecting on your goals for the future. What we have all come to realize in the past few years is that life is far busier than we have ever thought it could be, and taking care of our health is important. But taking care of ourselves can be super hard, challenging, and sometimes be more damaging than actually helpful. For the new parents who are going into the new year with little ones in their arms, congratulations! For those who are still trying to figure out the secret to being responsible for multiple mini-yous, and those who really just need to take care of their own inner child, here are a few easy-on-the-mind workouts. 

Clean up deadlifts/ squats

Toys all over the living room? Laundry still not put away? Drop down with your back straight, keep your feet flat on the floor. If you want to be more focused, you can try keeping your knees from going past your toes.

Dusting calf raises

Cleaning those hard to reach places without the step ladder? Reaching up on your tiptoes can bring on quite the burn. Alternating with your toes pointed out, inward, and straight ahead can target different muscle groups in your calves. 

Restock shoulder press

Bringing the groceries in is a work out in of itself, but putting the food away can super set your upper body. Reaching up when putting away cans and non perishables gives you nice cupped delts. 

Beer bicep curls 

Celebrate yourself, you worked hard throughout the week. Take a load off and bring that refreshing drink -with controlled movement- up to parched lips and enjoy the fact that you kept your shit together for another week. 

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