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Former Marine Wins Adult Video Award

February 26, 2020
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Will Pounder is the stage name of a former US Marine turned adult film actor. He recently received the "Best Male Newcomer" award at the AVN Awards. For those unfamiliar, AVN (Adult Video News) hosts the adult film equivalent of the Oscars. Red carpet, formal attire and all the glitz and glam the adult industry can muster.Will has a large...portfolio of scenes. This includes his work in Virtual Reality adult movies. I have personally never watched any naughty movies, but from what I've heard they're quite popular.

How it started

When asked what appealed to him about the adult industry, Will Pounder said "I got into the industry by losing bet." Will was shooting a scene for a TV show, and made a bet about the probability of another job falling through. The person he made the bet with was an adult film actress guest starring on the show. The planned job fell through, so Will went with her to an audition. He "out lasted" the competition, earning the job.

His Adult advice

For military guys aspiring to be an adult actor, Will has the following advise: contact an agency and see if they will work with you and your look. Additionally, he advises to have realistic expectations."It's very stressful," Will said. "Everyone and their paycheck is riding on you being able to "perform" on demand. Stage fright is an easy way to never book another gig." He went on to say "We refer to people not in the industry, as civilians."When you're brand new, the directors are pretty specific with their instructions. However, Pounder said, "The key is not to be robotic like you were in bootcamp, but to be fluid, creative, and to have fun. All the directors know that when I'm working, my goal is to have fun. If you're not having fun, what's the point?"The award winning performer stated, "Who I am on camera is different depending on what the scene requires. Sometimes I'm in a serious role, other times I'm the hapless pizza guy."

Will maintains his friends and family are very supportive. Recollecting that most with internal negative feelings turn that to outward projections. In the next five years, Will sees himself directing, as well as being fully vested into managing his own projects. Will is in a relationship with a fellow performer, so he assures you that your wives and girlfriends are safe from his charms.Sound off in the comments if you think you have what it takes.

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