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Marines Jousting

Active Military
Active Military
June 24, 2019
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Look. If you're shocked about Marines jousting, you shouldn't be. When I saw this, as a Marine, I simply nodded my head and said: "Yup, that's about par for the course." Why wouldn't it be? Don't get me wrong, I love my Marine Corps and will adamantly continue to support our bravado, cockiness, arrogance and our ability to make Lord Of the Flies look like amateur hour. Honestly, I'm shocked there aren't more videos of this type of tomfoolery going around. While the video in question won't upload, we did happen to find similar instances...I present to you Exhibit A and Exhibit B.Y'all need to stop acting like this is weird or unnatural for Marines.

See the other branches...well we don't quite know how you do it...but in the Marine Corps...it's...well...this is our normal!

People...JUST SO YOU KNOW...stop making a big deal out of Marines jousting like we're a bunch of poster-children for Emily Post. We're not. This kind of shit, literally as you can see from the two videos we've posted here, L-I-T-E-R-A-L-L-Y happens ALL THE TIME.The United States has created such a violent death monster who is so proficient in killing that we reach way back in time mastering older forms of combat because modern combat is just TOO EASY. Marines like a challenge. Hence jousting.No, we don't use horses. We use other Marines. Sure people could get hurt, but you know what else is dangerous? War. War is dangerous. This...this is just good old fashioned training.We have a proud tradition in the Marine Corps of being unconventional with how we win. Whether it's roasty toasting some dudes in a bunker, like Hershel W. Williams or having zero flying f***s to give like Brady Gustafson who slew the enemy AFTER getting his leg blown off, we find a way.So again, if you're at all shocked or surprised at Marines jousting each other...you must not know a whole bunch of Marines, because every single one of us, despite how prim and proper we look in our Dress Blues, will absolutely ride one of our brothers into combat against another brother using brooms, crutches or any other thing else we can find to make an improvised lance.

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