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Negotiating with Terrorists

Active Military
Active Military
February 20, 2020
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Peace. War. Peace. War. Peace. It seems at every turn, the Taliban changes the tune on what they want. One moment they are claiming they want peace talks, the next- bombing troops. It's honestly giving us a headache, yet.... here we are... still negotiating.Earlier today the deputy leader of the Taliban, Sirajuddin Haqqani, even 'wrote' an Op Ed piece that was posted in the New York Times, here. In the article, Haqqani states both sides have suffered great losses and "everyone is tired of war." Well, he isn't wrong!Haqqani makes interesting and, of course, valuable points. One would even say they sound "reasonable" and "appealing." For example a few paragraphs in, he states

"We are aware of the concerns and questions in and outside Afghanistan about the kind of government we would have after the foreign troops withdraw. My response to such concerns is that it will depend on a consensus among Afghans."

The deputy leader of the TALIBAN, the organization known for being hostile to their fellow countrymen, states they will basically listen to their people now? He continues with

"We are committed to working with other parties in a consultative manner of genuine respect to agree on a new, inclusive political system in which the voice of every Afghan is reflected and where no Afghan feels excluded."

But, but, but... Afghanistan already HAS a democracy in place. So......... why not just fall in with that one? Still, he continues with

"I am confident that, liberated from foreign domination and interference, we together will find a way to build an Islamic system in which all Afghans have equal rights, where the rights of women that are granted by Islam — from the right to education to the right to work — are protected, and where merit is the basis for equal opportunity."

So the fact that his fellow countrymen already voted and have emplaced a democracy based on the Islamic system means nothing? Do the Taliban live in the same Afghanistan as the Afghans? (We wonder what the elected (by the people) Afghan president thinks about this.)Our favorite part of the article comes toward the end where Haqqani states

"We are ready to work on the basis of mutual respect with our international partners on long-term peace-building and reconstruction. After the United States withdraws its troops, it can play a constructive role in the postwar development and reconstruction of Afghanistan."

So the definitely not peaceful terrorist organization wants us out of the country, but also wants us to provide aid and reconstructive efforts. ....Say what now? Does this make any sense to anyone else? We remove our military and then come back to rebuild the country.... sure...He finishes the article by stating the Taliban is about to sign the agreement with the US and they are committed to carrying out all of the provisions. Really? They can't even abide by their own rules when it comes to a cease fire.Will the Taliban actually sign (and follow) peace negotiations? Will we pull out of Afghanistan once and for all? Drop a comment and let us know what you think!

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