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Remembering the USS Cole Attack

Active Military
Active Military
May 21, 2019
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It was like...a few weeks ago, we'll have to go look, but we hinted and provided ample evidence that it's not a good idea to f*** with our boats. Usually, countries that f*** with our boats get the shaft. Oh yeah, you read that right. So since we're kind of like "Hey we really don't want another war in the Middle East," we want to remind Iran...don't...don't, just f***in' don't with our damn boats ok.It's pretty obvious that we're more than reasonable with other things. This past weekend Iran's proxies lobbed a rocket into the green zone. What'd we do? Not much. President sent out a threatening tweet, but nobody died and war wasn't started. Granted that's probably because of the shit aim and the fact that nobody was injured or killed, but again...we were pretty lenient.Especially considering that the Foreign Minister for Iran told the United States that we should "Try respect, it works." If respect is lobbing rockets at you...then boy...we've got like a whole lot of respect, but we probably won't do anything...unless you f*** with our boats. We simply cannot stress this enough. If you want to get into a shooting war with the United States, f*** with our boats.Also, we do recall that someone was rather upset last time we talked about ships and called them boats. For anyone that is still upset about us calling ships boats, remember, many of us here are Marines and it's enjoyable on so many levels to mess with the Navy. you know what we won't tolerate? We won't tolerate someone shooting the Navy's boats. That is definitively not a cool, nor intelligent move bruh. Ask Japan how it ended for them. Ask Vietnam about the Linebacker 2 bombing raids.Boasts are off limits. We know it sounds stupid...but seriously, guys...we're pretty sensitive when it comes to our boats.

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