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Shocking News: "Deploy or Get Out" Works

Active Military
Active Military
June 13, 2019
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Deploy or get out works?! We haven't been this shocked since Lurr from Omicron Persei 8 didn't destroy Earth! It seems that...if you like hold people to a standard they'll meet the standard. Wow. Amazing. Who on Earth would have thought telling people that they need to be fit for their job or they'd lose their job would work?It was certainly an unexpected move by former Defense Secretary James Mattis to tell people they had to be able to do their jobs, which included deploying and being physically fit or they'd lose their jobs. But look at them go! Ever since the mandate came out, the readiness of many units has increased and the PT scores have as well.Some strange magic is afoot here as we struggle to figure out how this "standard" thing has such an effect on the military. It's either science, magic, ancient alien teachings or just pure dumb luck. It couldn't at all be common sense that this type of leadership was needed all along.Despite the fact that Mattis resigned his post as Defense Secretary, Patrick Shanahan has kept faith in the outrageous and wild, some might even say crazy, policy of "Deploy or Get Out" and shockingly IT'S WORKED!If the positive results continue to come in, we might consider implementing this cool thing called a standard across the board in our society, where you're actually accountable for your actions when it comes to your jobs. We know, we know, it's crazy...maybe even dangerous to assume that this would work in other areas, but with such promising results, it's difficult to see room for expansion.Crazy times we're living in folks. Imagine that, telling people to stop skating by and having real consequences if they don't shape up. Weird...just really really weird how that all works.But then again, it could be a fluke. No way this can last...(We hope you've enjoyed our sarcasm and invite you back for more each and every day)

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