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Sky Penis Audio

Active Military
Active Military
May 28, 2019
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So, I think it was like...last week or the week before, they released the transcript of the conversation about the drawing of the infamous 'Sky Penis', but thanks to the copious amounts of time surfing the internets, we found a voice recording of the transcript. I doubt it's the real authentic actual pilot and EWO (electronic warfare officer). In fact, I'm like 99.99999% sure this is staged, doesn't make it any less funny.

The fact that it's most likely staged, adds a whole new level of joy as you hear the alleged Electronic Warfare Officer, or backseater, exclaim every sentence with a sophomoric glee. As to be expected. I haven't met a dude from the military yet that hasn't at least snickered at the mere mention of Sky Penis or cracked a smile when they see the porta-shitter art that leads me to believe there is some sort of Da Vinci of Dicks running around every single FOB in Afghanistan and Iraq.Truth be told we'd probably just have to figure out who has the most deployments total in the entire United States military between Afghanistan and Iraq. Find the most well-traveled guy in the military, he's your wang doodler. Shouldn't be too difficult.Anyways, knowing this is like...almost certainly a fake, it doesn't take away from the humor that was Sky Penis. It was the ultimate #DOFH move and something I really didn't expect from officers, but, man...I sure am proud of them for taking the chance and inevitably getting in does the saying go again"To do something that's never been done, you must be willing to do something you've never been done." (Quote attributed to Thomas Jefferson, but never actually found in his writings as of our five minute cursory Google search)Something along those lines, but please, ladies and gentlemen, enjoy this definitely probably not real recording.

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