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Survival: Gearing Up Best

Mammoth Sniper Challenge
Mammoth Sniper Challenge
November 22, 2017
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Do you guys remember when we talked to survival expert Dr. Wesley Adams? He talked us through strategies for ensuring your success in any survival situation. While we now have the wherewithal to survive (hopefully WE paid attention), its time to talk gear.Every single ounce adds up to pounds and so you don't need to clutter your bug out or survival bag with garbage you don't need. Tools that serve a variety of purposes are the smart way to go when packing any sort of survival bag.The first priority was fire. While you may be able to jerry-rig a fire starting kit out of what you find in nature, why not set yourself up for success. Why leave anything to chance? In a survival situation, the odds are already stacked against you, pack a small firestarter. Don't be the guy that inasmuch, forgot to bring the "gum."With fire comes the ability to cook food, food like water is obviously a basic necessity. While some of you may be willing to eat raw food, cooking it lessens the likelihood of catching any food-borne illnesses that cause some less than ideal survival circumstances.The next priority (depending on location, if you remember) is food and water. If you have a solid, clean fresh water source nearby, then you probably don't need to pack some sort of water purification device, but you're probably not going to be in control of where you end up in a survival situation, a small water purification device might be a good idea, since dehydration and dysentery tend to kill folks pretty quickly.You may find yourself saying "This is all great info, but how do I, not having the knowledge, pick out the right gear?" We're glad you asked. Our outdoor connoisseurs over at Alpha Outpost, carefully select and handpick the best items for you and place them in a monthly box. With a membership to Alpha Outpost, you'll have all the gear you need and none of the gear you don't need. You can strike out into the wilderness in confidence or travel the globe knowing that you're prepared, unlike many others.

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