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Unacceptable: Secret Videos of Sailors Exposed

Active Military
Active Military
January 28, 2020
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Earlier this month, a member of the Naval Criminal Investigative Service found videos of sailors undressing on PornHub.  According to the officials, the videos were recorded through a peephole and show several sailors, Marines and civilians changing clothes.  Some name tapes were also clearly visible.

NCIS is currently reviewing and attempting to contact all of the personnel who are identifiable in the videos.  They have also gotten PornHub to take down the videos completely off their site.  There is no information yet as to how long those videos were on the site, nor when they were recorded.

This is not the first time this has happened, and we fear it may not be the last.  In April 2019, a female Marine found a 'recording device' in the bathroom of the USS Arlington.  It was not released if the device was recording videos or pictures.This is the kind of internal harm that needs to stop.  While living on a ship for an extended amount of time may have some difficulties (and trust us, we have heard some fantastical stories about the goings on "underway"), this is absolutely disgusting.  These are the types of actions that divide and degrade the trust throughout the entire location.

How can anyone trust anyone on that ship now?  How will anyone feel safe to change their uniforms unsure there may be secret devices recording them? And worse yet, put on a very public site for a very public amount of people to see?

Did you know PornHub reported having 33.5 billion visits in 2018 alone? That is more than four times the population of the Earth!  Don't get us wrong, if you need to utilize outside methods to 'handle your business,' that is most definitely YOUR business.  But exposing the men and women around you? Absolutely not acceptable.

We are not talking about the service members who upload pictures and videos of themselves either. We just won't even go there.  What we are talking about is the NON-CONSENSUAL use of videos and pictures and then uploading them to a public website for additional NON-CONSENSUAL use.

We hope the Navy is able to find these sick assholes and give them the full extent of the punishments they deserve.  If you have any information, please contact your command immediately and report the information.We should be here to be the protectors of the people.  That includes our brothers and sisters in arms.

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