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Battlefield: Okinawa

June 29, 2023
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Okinawa was the climax of the war in the Pacific and was a whirlwind of death and suffering. What better way to conclude our kill count series than with the ultimate suckfest in the east! It’s a gruesome one, folks!

Welcome to the Kill count series of Violent but True stories. We’re going to be telling stories of American toughness, endurance and well…Grit. As Freedom month starts we’re taking some time to count the cost of freedom the best way we know. With a nice history lesson wrapped in some dark, dark humor. From the battle of Yorktown to Okinawa, there was alot of killin’ done. Episode one is Yorktown, so we’ll see you there, you bloodthirsty sweethearts!

From Yorktown to Okinawa, the road to victory was paved with American blood, sweat and tears. Commemorate the battlefields of the past with our poster series. Included are selections from Yorktown, the Frozen Chosin, Ia Drang and Okinawa.

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