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2nd Marine Division's Daily Schedule

Active Military
Active Military
April 18, 2019
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Marines from across the United States have been sharing the new directives on the daily schedule from the 2nd Marine Division commander. Directives on how their day should go. While Marines understand this directive and everything associated with it, the average civilian may not fully understand the weight of such a statement. That's why we are here, to help.We are your translators. Anytime there is something that you don't understand about the military...or at least the Marine Corps (it's our specialty since we were a bunch of crayon eaters), you can come here and find out all of the information you need to fully understand exactly what certain orders mean. So without much more fanfare, we're going to translate the daily schedule of the entire 2nd Marine Division, or at least as it's been posted to the interwebs.Here is the picture for reference:

0530 - Wake up for stupid games0535-0600 - Clean your nasty body for games and ensure you can't skate out of such games0600-0800 -F***f*** games and PT0800-0815 - F*** f*** games a.k.a inspections0815-1200 - Small unit f*** f*** games1200-1300 - like...actually only 15 minutes to eat because...you know f*** f*** games1300-1630 - more f*** f*** games1630-1645 - formation and more f*** f*** games1645-0530 - What you thought you'd actually get libo? Back to f*** f*** games till midnightWhile some of you may believe that the Marine Corps touched us inappropriately, we'd like to say, we're not mad at the Corps, this schedule and translation is just accurate. The Marine Corps in all of its brilliance plays games like that with everyone. From what we've heard even General officers have to play f*** f*** games, but they do theirs in front of Congress...which actually might be worse than the enlisted have it...wow...never really thought about it like that until now. That's gotta suck like...major donkey nuts, ya know what we're sayin' fam?Anyways, glad you could join us today for this informative PMI on what that revised schedule actually means.

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