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When All Good Things Must End

Active Military
Active Military
December 19, 2018
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It was only a matter of time we figure...all good things must end or so the evidence leads us to believe. Just like the unfortunate demise of the 0351 MOS and the glorious skating that occurred. There were the questions like "What the f*** do we do with you guys?" Those are now gone, so too does it seem that pulling pits in the Marine Corps will be a thing of the past. A throwback to a time when some still remembered having to qualify with iron sights and not getting called out on Stolen Valor for being an 0351 (it existed ok, we know it isn't there anymore, but at one time, there was such a thing as Infantry Assaultmen).Marine Corps Times reports via Shawn Snow that the Marine Corps is looking for new...automated systems where the Marines shooting don't have to rely on the Marines pulling pits. Woe to the Marines who come into service now, no 0351s, no iron sights, no pit duty. As we said, and as it seems...all good things must end.See pulling pits, while miserable, inspired teamwork. You have to rely on the shooter hitting the target so you're not looking around for a nonexistent shot hole for 30 minutes, and he has to rely on you the Marine pulling the pits to recognize that after his fifth "no impact, no idea" shot, that he might need a little help. And Marines don't leave other Marines behind! You fake the funk with a miss here, a hit there, another hit...make it believable.Why? Because your boy is a machine gunner and despite his inability to shoot a rifle accurately, he makes the walls and streets of Afghanistan and Iraq look like a Jackson Pollack painting if you get our drift...(he kills a lot of people with machinegun fire)Plus, there is nothing like hearing the rounds crack overhead to get you used to that sound so that the first time it happens in battle, it doesn't scare the absolute dog piss out of you.Keep pit pullers, don't Air Force up my Marine Corps!

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